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Research and development strength

Shanghai shenri Printing Ink Co., Ltd. has a high-quality research and development team. Under the principle of "sustainable development", the company has developed products that meet the market demand through technological research and development innovation. The company will carry out quality inspection and feedback from raw materials to various production processes, and carry out production under a strict quality management system to provide customers with better products.


Technical support

Shenri  Printing Ink  focuses on technological innovation and process optimization, with a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and has built an automatic production line suitable for ink production, which is suitable for gravure printing ink production. At the same time, constantly improve product performance, research and development of new processes and technologies.

Shengri Chemical has established environmental protection ink engineering laboratory to further improve the level and ability of r&d innovation, especially in the development and improvement of water-based ink and UV ink and other environmental protection products to seek more breakthroughs, and is committed to the realization of energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, safety and sustainable development of the ink industry.



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