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Printing auxiliary

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  • 2527 Mix the desiccant

    Shelf Life:3 years

    function:Accelerate printing drying, drying effect details

    Matters needing attention:Dosage is less than or equal to 5%, the amount will cause the ink back thick and on the printing machine

  • 402 red dryer

    Shelf Life:3 years

    Function:Speed up drying of the copy, good surface drying performance

    Matters needing attention:Usage:<5%,Large amounts can cause ink to thicken and skin on the press

  • 78 White dryness oil

    Shelf Life:3 years

    Function:Accelerate the drying of printing parts and enhance adhesion

    Matters needing attention:Dosage ≤ 7%, large amount will affect the printing suitability, this product contains lead, not suitable for food, toys and other products


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